Event Logistics


Each event is preceded by exact planning and precise execution. For a successful execution, but also in particular, the experience of the people.

V&V Logistics can fill all the roles and meet all the requirements of event logistics. We can point to successful implementation and necessary experience both as organizer and consultant as well as being involved in the completion of events through to assuming the complete event logistics. The necessary equipment can be organized for events of all sizes.

We have a special browser-based software solution available for events which can connect event planning, coordination and supervision with a transparent inventory management and contract completion.


An overview of the services:

  • Event Planning

Besides thorough planning, the selection and procurement of a suitable event location is also part of our service. And we also organize all the equipment required: seating, tables through to installations.

  • Event Calendar

With the help of a self-programmed event calendar, an immediate overview of all available advertising material and equipment is provided which simplifies the planning and coordination of several events taking place at the same time.

  • Trade-Fair Support Services

We plan and assume every aspect from the procurement of the right equipment, as well as construction and disassembly of stages, stand trusses and music equipment. We can also offer you stand maintenance services during the trade fair upon request.

  • Media & Entertainment

We will find the perfect design and decorations for your event, as well as the right music and many other entertainment programs.

  • Supply Logistics During The Event

During the entire event, we monitor the supply and additional deliveries of advertising material in order to ensure the smooth running of all advertising activities.

  • Controlled Material Guidance

After the event is before the event: We coordinate the disassembly, the cleaning and the inspection of equipment as well as its on-schedule return.


We will be happy to consult and advise you on the implementation of your entire event logistics or the planning and execution of your event. You can contact our experienced team anytime at: eventlogistik@dabelstein.com