Individual Software Solutions


Tailor-made software solutions for individual logistics concepts

Individual logistics solutions always also require the corresponding software solutions. On the basis of this principle, we continuously develop our warehouse administration system further and supplement it with individual IT solutions for customers and innovative tools. In doing so, we constantly and exactly adapt our existing systems to your requirements and we can also meet special requirements by means of modifications and expansions. The focus is always on transparency of the flows of goods and information. The browser-based systems allow our customers around the world to log into the system via the internet in order to retrieve order data, control the status of consignments or inspect stock levels in real time.


Connection the customers ERP / CRM systems

V&V Logistics makes the digital exchange of absolutely all necessary information with customers possible via individual interfaces. Order data, status notifications or inventory information can be directly transmitted to the customer’s ERP-/CRM system or in predefined intervals, which allows a complete integration of the logistics processes into the customer’s own systems.


Web-based inventory management in real time

The principal task of logistics is to make inventory available. The basis for this is the reliable interconnection of information between the partners involved. This can be done with a web-based inventory management tool, which all parties can access. In addition to that, the data can be displayed in aggregated form and can be interpreted using our optional analysis tool. This can simplify for example the creation of a forecast or the determination of an optimal ordering interval.