IT Expertise


Nothing moves in the logistics sector anymore without IT and the internet ...

The interlocking of processes and participating companies in the global supply chains is becoming increasingly tight, but also clearly more complex due to the very high flexibility requirements. The IT systems in this case represent the decisive link for the control and monitoring of the flows of goods. Global access to the relevant information via the internet ensures the necessary transparency in real time. These preconditions demand the ability from all involved to be able to flexibly set-up a high-performance IT capacity in order to make integration into the respective system surroundings possible.

This applies in particular to logistics specialists who often operate at the interface between the individual participants on the supply chain while also having to meet the requirements of several different customers at the same time. V&V Logistics recognized the signs of the times very early on and focused on browser-based systems that can be programmed autonomously and which can be freely scaled and are extremely transparent as a result.


Individual IT solutions for customers from V&V Logistics

We offer you many years of experience in shaping complex business processes and their precise and systemic implementation. During the development of individual customer systems, constant transparent implementation and linkage possibilities to already used systems of the customer are paramount. Shipping information can be shared in detail via the interfaces and the status notifications conveyed in real time. Our software solutions correspond to the latest state of the art and encryption security standards.

The warehouse administration system is browser-based and can also be accessed by our customers world wide via the log-in function as a result. Individual and scalable statistics and monitoring tools are made available and ensure high levels of transparency.


Our IT and programming services at a glance:

  •     Browser-based warehouse administration system with individual feature

    • Modeling of complex business processes and their systemic implementation
    • Implementation of all requirements in modern contract logistics
    • Flexible interface connections
    • Transparency: Status information and real-time inventory management
    • Customer log-in
    • Special functions for branch and logistics requirements
              Webshop Logistics

                 Advertising Material Logistics

                 Event Logistics

                 PoS Logistics


  •     Online-based ordering system / Webshop solutions

    • Individual customer interface or state-of-the-art webshop application
    • Online marketing and SEO competence
    • Connection to the warehouse administration system
    • Budgeting function
    • Authorization functions
    • Connection to the customer systems
  • Apps / applications for mobile data acquisition also for smartphones and tablets for real-time status tracking