Point of Sale - Logistics


Our PoS logistics goes well beyond the standard storing and transport services. For example, we carry out the logistics processes for brand article manufacturers right through to the point-of-sale, including the desired assembly and service provision. Our professionally trained and flexible staff can provide services of the highest quality on-site and to the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

The processes are controlled with IT-support and ensure the highest levels of transparency as a result. Should a customer so wish, we can provide an online portal with scalable customer access points, with which the contracts and their implementation can be controlled and monitored. We regard an individual connection to the respective customer system for the electronic exchange of contract data and the conveyance of status notifications and key performance indicators as a standard requirement.


V&V covers the entire logistics chain through to the Point of Sale with the following building blocks:

  •     Warehouse logistics (storing, inventory management, maintenance)
  •     Shipping logistics (order picking, packaging, shipping)
  •     Value Added Services (order assembly, display construction, product labeling, quality control)
  •     On-site services (construction and assembly of shelves and presentation equipment)
  •     Returns management (disassembly and return of PoS equipment, treatment, disposal)