Project Development


A question that often arises at the outset of a logistics project is whether an existing property should be chosen for the project location or if a new building that is especially tailored to the project should be constructed. Particularly in the case of long-term projects, the advantages of a new individual construction are often predominant.

It is usually the case in logistics that the operator is not the owner of the property. It is normal that the operator will have a facility built to their specifications and they then lease it for a specific period of time. In the past number of years, such projects were mostly realized with leasing contracts with a running time of at least 10 years. It is meanwhile the case that increasing numbers of investors can be found who are willing to erect new constructions in accordance with your wishes with leasing contracts of 5 years.

Over the course of the development of our company, we have been able to gather extensive experience and skills in project development. The realization of the many projects in the past has allowed us to build up a wide network of internal and external specialists. We will be happy to provide you with a more detailed insight into these projects if you should be interested.




Within the scope of the project development, we could provide you with the following services:

- Help in deciding between a new construction or an existing property

- Strategic location selection

- Search for a construction site

- Consultation during the concept development for a logistics property

- Drafting of concept portfolios

- Architectural services

- Construction management

- Invitation to tender for building contractors

- Invitation to tender for investors

- Legal advice, drafting of leasing contracts

- Investor procurement

- Coordination of all the parties involved, assumption of communication responsibilities

- Project supervision

You can decide whether you would like to have absolutely all services from one single source or whether you would like to avail of only individual services. Depending on the extent of the services which we will be providing, our fee is usually assumed by the investor for whom you decide.

Would you like to learn more about how a project is developed in practice and exactly which services we provide?

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Our specialist for Project Development:

Jochen Dabelstein
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