V&V can guarantee the "security and safety of the delivery chain" of the air freight logistics as a regulated agent approved by the Federal Aviation Office (LBA). The approval requires a special air freight security program as well as the correspondingly trained staff.

Our aviation security officers ensure that all processes are carried out in conformity with the program. Background checks have been carried on the aviation security staff and they have been deemed to be reliable and have undergone intensive training. In our function as a regulated agent, we may make your goods "safe" by implementing approved inspection methods, before we hand the goods over to the airline. We offer you the following approved inspection methods for this purpose:

- X-ray

- Search by hand

In addition to this, the use of explosives detection devices is also offered as an additional inspection method.

The inspections are carried out by our own aviation security control staff, each of whom has been tested and certified by the Federal Aviation Office (LBA). Our company is listed under a so-called RA number (RA = Regulated Agent) in the EU database of regulated agents and known consignors by the Federal Aviation Office (LBA).




Known Consignor

This entails companies who create air freight. Up until the end of the transition period on 4/29/2013, shippers could send their freight as "safe" when they signed a security declaration and gave this to the regulated agents. Following expiry of this transition period, the consignors require official approval from the authorities in order to be able to hand over "safe" freight to the regulated agent/airline company.


Account Consignors

The account consignor is named by a regulated agent and can have his freight only transported by aircraft which are "all-cargo or all-mail". The precondition is the hand-over of the "aviation security instructions for account consignors" and the signing of the "declaration of commitment – account consignor".