V&V offers you all forms of warehouse logistics from purely exchanging pallets through to the complex computer-supported logistics solutions. We have three warehouse premises available for this purpose in Mannheim, Hamburg and Winsen (Luhe).

The storing is always carried out in accordance with the requirements of our customers and their products. The respectively most optimally suitable types of storing techniques are used (block warehouse, high-bay warehouse, rack warehouse). Depending on the level of complexity and the necessity, web-based IT tools are used and individually programmed if necessary. We always pay attention to the required storing strategies and customer demands.

Qualified staff, modern equipment and web-based inventory management systems ensure the provision of top-quality warehousing services in all areas. Our on-site warehouse managers ensure individual, practical and personal customer care. All premises are connected to different distribution networks (pallets and parcel shipping, national and international), which can be availed of for shipping.

We also offer our renowned customers from many different business sectors value-added services that go beyond pure storing such as, for example, order picking, order assembly, quality controlling, product enhancement, labeling services, display construction, pre-assembly, advertising campaigns etc.